Helping you simplify and understand your accounting.

Helping you simplify and understand your accounting.

Helping you simplify and understand your accounting.Helping you simplify and understand your accounting.Helping you simplify and understand your accounting.

Helping keep your business in order!

What We Do

Empower Entrepreneurs


Handing all of your records 

over to your bookkeeper or accountant,  dilutes your entrepreneurial power

and provides minimal insight

 into your business.

We work with you to understand your finances and help you make decisions to grow your business.

Train Owners


For small business owners 

who want to learn to use

spreadsheets and accounting software, we offer all kinds of training.

Maybe you want to dig deeper into your finances, so you can develop a better understanding. We offer that type of customised training too. 

Design Systems


Are you ready to upgrade

your shoe box full of receipts, 

but you're not sure if a computerised system is the best solution?

We can provide you

with an upgraded system, designed specifically with your skills and strengths in mind.

Offer Support


You have a financial system in place that is working well for you,

then something comes up that doesn't quite fit into that system.

How do you handle it? We can help.  

We will take a look at your

current systems, evaluate your situation and provide the guidance you need

to get you back on track.

Present Reviews


You have your bookkeeping under control and everything seems to be moving along nicely. 

Can you unlock further potential

 for your business? 

Regular reviews of your

income statements and balance sheets will ensure you completely understand

 what they are telling you.

Prepare Bookkeeping


Maybe you don't have the time or interest to do your own bookkeeping and would like to place it 

in some capable hands.

We have the time, the interest

 and have very capable hands. 

We can handle all your bookkeeping needs including payroll, income taxes and government remittances. 

About Us


Jennifer O'Donnell

I love numbers.  I love teaching.  I love helping. I decided to add those all together and created Beyond Bookkeeping to help small business owners.

I have been teaching bookkeeping, accounting software and spreadsheet courses for more than two decades.  I have had a number of small business owners in my classes wanting to learn how to do their own bookkeeping or at least better understand the annual reports their accountants give them.


Your Business is Our Business

Beyond Bookkeeping knows there is so much valuable information buried in the financial records of your business.  

We want to uncover that information, so you can make better decisions for the future. 

We offer a holistic approach, so you can better understand all aspects of your finances. 


Location, Location, Location

Location matters in Real Estate, but it makes no

difference in Bookkeeping.

With the help of the internet, we can meet with you

wherever you are; as long as you have a computer

and internet access.

All of our services, including system design training, 

can be provided from a distance with ease and a smile.

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Contact Us

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We would love to hear from you.

We offer a complementary 30-minute interview

to review your current systems and needs. 

This will determine if Beyond Bookkeeping 

would be a good fit for your business.

We  look forward to hearing from you .

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